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"No dog too rowdy for Good CitiZEN Dog's touch of Zen"

Deborah Rosen can quiet a room full of running and jumping puppies with the wave of a hand, eye contact and a touch of Zen.

She kneels, looks the jumpy dog in the eye and moves her hand up to her nose. And then she makes a noise that sounds like a beep.

“I have a 7 year-old chocolate Lab that I have never been able to take on walks without having him try to attack another dog,” says Nina from Tacoma.  “We have a 6 year-old shepherd mix that will not allow anyone into our house. He barks, growls, lunges and will try to attack people at the front door or...

Like Travis and Old Yeller, Lassie and Timmy, Rusty and Rin Tin Tin, and even Lassie and Elizabeth Taylor as 11-year old Priscilla in “Lassie Come Home,”
dogs and kids have been paired in books and films for as long as we can remember. In real life they fit together like apple pie and ice cream... 

Dog’s bark. It’s what they do. They bark to get your attention. They bark because they’ve heard something and want to let you and, apparently, everyone
else know...

Chewing is a great thing—it’s what all living creatures do to stay alive. Beyond taking in nutrition it’s something we do for the pure pleasure of tasting the wonderful array of flavors that are available to us...

People will ask me, “What is the most common behavior problem in dogs?” It’s jumping up—on people, on furniture when they are not invited, onto countertops to help themselves to whatever is there and the list goes on...

It’s the start of a new year and while we are always full of resolve for how we would like to improve ourselves, our dogs are often left out of the picture. So, let’s rectify that and get our four-legged friends into the act to help improve their behavior for the coming year... 

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